SeriesSchema.__init__(dtype=None, checks=None, index=None, nullable=False, unique=False, coerce=False, name=None, title=None, description=None)[source]

Initialize series schema base object.

  • dtype (Union[str, type, DataType, Type, ExtensionDtype, dtype, None]) – datatype of the column. If a string is specified, then assumes one of the valid pandas string values:

  • checks (Union[Check, Hypothesis, List[Union[Check, Hypothesis]], None]) –

    If element_wise is True, then callable signature should be:

    Callable[Any, bool] where the Any input is a scalar element in the column. Otherwise, the input is assumed to be a pandas.Series object.

  • index – specify the datatypes and properties of the index.

  • nullable (bool) – Whether or not column can contain null values.

  • unique (bool) – Whether or not column can contain duplicate values.

  • coerce (bool) – If True, when schema.validate is called the column will be coerced into the specified dtype. This has no effect on columns where dtype=None.

  • name (Optional[str]) – series name.

  • title (Optional[str]) – A human-readable label for the series.

  • description (Optional[str]) – An arbitrary textual description of the series.