Source code for pandera.extensions

"""pandera API extensions

*new in 0.6.0*

This module provides utilities for extending the ``pandera`` API.

import warnings
from enum import Enum
from functools import partial, wraps
from typing import Callable, List, Optional, Tuple, Union

import pandas as pd

from . import strategies as st
from .checks import Check, register_check_statistics

[docs]class CheckType(Enum): """Check types for registered check methods.""" VECTORIZED = 1 #: Check applied to a Series or DataFrame ELEMENT_WISE = 2 #: Check applied to an element of a Series or DataFrame GROUPBY = 3 #: Check applied to dictionary of Series or DataFrames.
[docs]def register_check_method( check_fn=None, *, statistics: Optional[List[str]] = None, supported_types: Union[type, Tuple, List] = (pd.DataFrame, pd.Series), check_type: Union[CheckType, str] = "vectorized", strategy=None, ): """Registers a function as a :class:`~pandera.checks.Check` method. See the :ref:`user guide<extensions>` for more details. :param check_fn: check function to register. The function should take one positional argument for the object to validate and additional keyword-only arguments for the check statistics. :param statistics: list of keyword-only arguments in the ``check_fn``, which serve as the statistics needed to serialize/de-serialize the check and generate data if a ``strategy`` function is provided. :param supported_types: the pandas type(s) supported by the check function. Valid values are ``pd.DataFrame``, ``pd.Series``, or a list/tuple of ``(pa.DataFrame, pa.Series)`` if both types are supported. :param check_type: the expected input of the check function. Valid values are :class:`~pandera.extensions.CheckType` enums or ``{"vectorized", "element_wise", "groupby"}``. The input signature of ``check_fn`` is determined by this argument: - if ``vectorized``, the first positional argument of ``check_fn`` should be one of the ``supported_types``. - if ``element_wise``, the first positional argument of ``check_fn`` should be a single scalar element in the pandas Series or DataFrame. - if ``groupby``, the first positional argument of ``check_fn`` should be a dictionary mapping group names to subsets of the Series or DataFrame. :param strategy: data-generation strategy associated with the check function. :return: register check function wrapper. """ if statistics is None: statistics = [] if isinstance(check_type, str): check_type = CheckType[check_type.upper()] msg = ( "{} is not a valid input type for check_fn. You must specify one of " "pandas.DataFrame, pandas.Series, or a tuple of both." ) if isinstance(supported_types, list): supported_types = tuple(supported_types) elif not isinstance(supported_types, tuple): supported_types = (supported_types,) for supported_type in supported_types: # type: ignore if supported_type not in {pd.DataFrame, pd.Series}: raise TypeError(msg.format(supported_type)) if check_type is CheckType.ELEMENT_WISE and set(supported_types) != { pd.DataFrame, pd.Series, }: # type: ignore raise ValueError( "Element-wise checks should support DataFrame and Series " "validation. Use the default setting for the 'supported_types' " "argument." ) if check_fn is None: return partial( register_check_method, statistics=statistics, supported_types=supported_types, check_type=check_type, strategy=strategy, ) def register_check_wrapper(check_fn: Callable): """Register a function as a :class:`~pandera.checks.Check` method.""" if hasattr(Check, check_fn.__name__): raise ValueError( f"method with name '{check_fn.__name__}' already defined. " "Check methods must have a unique method name." ) @wraps(check_fn) def check_fn_wrapper(validate_obj, **kwargs): """Wrapper for check_fn to validate inputs.""" return check_fn(validate_obj, **kwargs) def validate_check_kwargs(check_kwargs): msg = ( f"'{check_fn.__name__} has check_type={check_type}. " "Providing the following arguments will have no effect: " "{}. Remove these arguments to avoid this warning." ) no_effect_args = { CheckType.ELEMENT_WISE: ["element_wise", "groupby", "groups"], CheckType.VECTORIZED: ["element_wise", "groupby", "groups"], CheckType.GROUPBY: ["element_wise"], }[check_type] if any(arg in check_kwargs for arg in no_effect_args): warnings.warn(msg.format(no_effect_args)) for arg in no_effect_args: check_kwargs.pop(arg, None) if check_type is CheckType.ELEMENT_WISE: check_kwargs["element_wise"] = True return check_kwargs @register_check_statistics(statistics) def check_method(cls, *args, **kwargs): """Wrapper function that serves as the Check method.""" stats, check_kwargs = {}, {} if args: stats = dict(zip(statistics, args)) for k, v in kwargs.items(): if k in statistics: stats[k] = v else: check_kwargs[k] = v return cls( partial(check_fn_wrapper, **stats), name=check_fn.__name__, **validate_check_kwargs(check_kwargs), ) if strategy is not None: check_method = st.register_check_strategy(strategy)(check_method) Check.REGISTERED_CUSTOM_CHECKS[check_fn.__name__] = partial( check_method, Check ) return register_check_wrapper(check_fn)