new in 0.8.0

SchemaModel is fully compatible with pydantic.

import pandas as pd
import pandera as pa
from pandera.typing import DataFrame, Series
import pydantic

class SimpleSchema(pa.SchemaModel):
    str_col: Series[str] = pa.Field(unique=True)

class PydanticModel(pydantic.BaseModel):
    x: int
    df: DataFrame[SimpleSchema]

valid_df = pd.DataFrame({"str_col": ["hello", "world"]})
PydanticModel(x=1, df=valid_df)

invalid_df = pd.DataFrame({"str_col": ["hello", "hello"]})
PydanticModel(x=1, df=invalid_df)
Traceback (most recent call last):
ValidationError: 1 validation error for PydanticModel
series 'str_col' contains duplicate values:
1    hello
Name: str_col, dtype: object (type=value_error)

Other pandera components are also compatible with pydantic: